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Terms of Use is an online store selling products through the company's internet under the name:


Cava Greco

Ntamparakis Nikolaos

Trade of Beverages - Soft Drinks

P.F.S.: Galatsiou

Antheon 31 - Ano Patisia

Tel 1: 210 277 2005

Tel 2: 210 277 0605


Please, before each use of the website, consult the present terms and conditions of use and make sure that you understand them and that you unconditionally agree with them.

The visitor - user of the pages and services of our Website must carefully read the sections - footer Terms of Use, Delivery & Shipping, Order & Payment, Return & Cancellation Policy and Personal Data, before visiting or using of our pages and services and in case of disagreement must not use them. Otherwise it is presumed that he accepts them and gives his consent.

The following terms of use apply to all content and to what is generally included on the pages of our Website. CAVA GRECO Company (hereinafter Beneficiary) may at any time modify the terms and conditions of use, and users / visitors must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use it is assumed that they accept the amended terms and conditions. Otherwise they must refrain from using / visiting our Website.


Age limit

The online store sells alcoholic products only to people over the age of 18 and reserves the right to refuse the sale otherwise.

Product Description

Our obligation and main care is the information given on the website and regarding the quality, quantity, main features and prices of the products to be absolutely accurate. However, on your computer screen some products may appear slightly different in size, color and texture compared to reality. All product orders depend on their availability and in this light, in case of difficulties in supplying or depleting the products in stock, we reserve the right to inform you about similar products.

Product Prices

The prices listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product include VAT. These prices refer to the quantities that are available, while reserves the right to modify the description and prices of its products without prior notice, but undertakes to fulfill the order to ship the products you ordered with the features and prices posted on its website at the time of the order.

Force Majeure

Force majeure is an event that could not be ignored or prevented (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.), which do not allow the parties to fulfill their contractual obligations. In case of force majeure the parties are obliged to notify the event immediately, otherwise they will not have the right to invoke it. In this case the delivery time is extended accordingly.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All content on our Website, including, but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, photographs, blueprints, illustrations, services provided and in general any kind of copyrighted property is governed by national and international copyright law, with the exception of explicitly recognized third party rights. Therefore, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, "download", translation, modification in any way, in part or in summary, without the express written consent of the Beneficiary is expressly prohibited.

Exceptionally, the individual storage and copying of parts of the content on a simple personal computer is strictly permitted for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation and always subject to the indication of its source, without this meaning in any way granting copyright. Anything else contained in the websites of our Website and constituted trademarks and copyrights of third parties is within their sole responsibility and has nothing to do with our Website.

Obligations of Visitor - User

In order to use this site if you wish you can subscribe to it, thus having a personal Profile so you have instant access as well as a history of your purchases. However, you must agree to provide true information when requested, and to be an adult (minors have access to our Website only with the consent of their parents/guardians).

With your registration or purchase without your registration, you agree unconditionally with our "Terms of Use" which may change from time to time and are available here.

The visitor - user of our Website must, on the one hand, comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and on the other hand refrain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and services of our Website. He must also behave politely, politely and discreetly during his visit and use of our Website, while the adoption of unfair competition practices or others that are contrary to the NETIQUETTE INTERNET User Code of Conduct is expressly prohibited. Any damage caused to our Website or the Network in general resulting from the misuse or improper use of the relevant services by the user/visitor falls within the scope of his sole responsibility.

Network Liability Limitation

The Beneficiary, without guarantee and therefore not responsible, makes every effort to ensure that the information and all content are governed by maximum accuracy, clarity, timeliness, completeness, correctness and availability. In no case, including this negligence, the Beneficiary is not responsible for any damage caused to the visitor - user on the occasion of this use of our website.

The information and services are provided as is, without any express or implied warranty, all of which are expressly denied by the Beneficiary, even those of marketability or suitability.

The Beneficiary in no way guarantees the uninterrupted and error-free provision of its services and content, nor even the absence of viruses, whether it is its Website, or another site or server through which you receive its content.

Links To Other Sites

Our Website is not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it links through links, hyperlinks or banner ads, nor does it warrant their availability. Problems that may arise during the visit - use of the websites to which we refer refer exclusively to the sphere of responsibility of the respective websites, to which you must address. The referral to other websites is for the convenience of our users and in no way creates any form of commitment for anyone.


It is expressly acknowledged here that in the event that any lawsuit, claim, administrative or judicial proceeding arising against our Website arising from any form of your own breach, you undertake on the one hand to intervene in the relevant procedure and on the other hand to compensate our Website. in case he is obliged to pay compensation or other expenses.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

The website reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and/or rules and/or conditions, made through it without prior notice, informing visitors by posting the new terms and conditions on this website.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

The website reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and / or rules and / or conditions, made through it without prior notice, informing visitors by posting the new terms and conditions on this website.

Applicable Law And Other Terms

This contract of use is governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the directives and Regulations of European Law and the relevant International provisions, and is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the economic and social purpose of the law. All transactions you make through are governed by International and European law governing matters relating to e-commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) governing matters relating to sales by distance. If a provision is deemed contrary to the law and therefore invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without in any case affecting the validity of the other terms. No modification of the terms of this contract will be considered and will not be part of it, if it has not been formulated in writing and has not been incorporated into it. The competent court for any disputes arising on the occasion of this contract is the Court of Athens.

Secure Transactions has a complete system of functions for the protection of the confidentiality of Personal Data. In the case of bank transactions with Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) a secure and certified money transaction is provided after you are directed when paying the value of the order in an environment within the same bank for 100% security of your transactions.


If you have any questions about these "Terms of Use" or our web site, you want to delete or modify your information, let us know your opinion regarding our services or the quality of our products, please contact us.

Thank you for your visit to and we wish you good and smart shopping!

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