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Bottega Pistacchio Liqueur 500ml

Bottega Pistacchio Liqueur 500ml
Bottega Pistacchio Liqueur 500ml

Pistachios are only ever picked in Sicily, where they are then traditionally processed into a paste that retains all of their priceless organoleptic qualities. After being skillfully combined with alcohol, water, and sugar, the paste yields a creamy, round, velvety liqueur with a potent, intoxicating scent of Sicilian pistachios. Crema di Pistacchio Bottega acquires a distinct aromaticity with a last dash of grappa, making it distinctive and identifiable.

Production Area: Italy, Veneto. ABV: 17%

Color and Appearance: Pistachio green.

Bouquet: Intense aroma of pistachio with a delicate hint of almond.

Taste: Soft, round, delicate and intriguing, it caresses the palate with its strong and original pistachio taste.

Serving Temperature: 3° C

Serving Suggestions: Thanks to its moderate alcohol content, it is particularly appreciated to sweeten the palate when served cold not only at the end of a meal, but at any time of day. It can be a tasty ingredient in the preparation of delicious cocktails and it is perfect with both dry and fresh pastries, spoon desserts and sorbets that are enriched by its alcoholic verve.

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